How to climb over electric fence

A professional criminal will easily breach the perimeter system by tapping the electric fence without the alarm being raised known as wire tapping. Wire tapping – is use of wire clamps to bypass the electric circuit without sounding the alarm therefore leaving an area/section unelectrified. A popular concept used by intruders giving them full opportunity to gain access to your property without alarm being raised therefore highly recommended the use of Rola spikes in conjunction with electric fencing will offer the most effective perimeter security solutions in the market and a back up to prevent any unwanted intruders on your property.
Another case that is happening more and more often is the criminals are deliberately setting your alarm off multiple times by tapping on the electric fence to fool the armed response company to intervene, after couple of call outs the company renders the system a fault alarm therefore insisting on a technician to check it out when available, now that the armed response is not responding to the multiple false alarms this leaves your property a target in which they then use this opportunity to invade your home / business. 
Again this entails why it is crucial to have a back up plan and having security spikes along your wall will decrease the risk factor prompting them to look elsewhere for easier targets. In this case Rola spikes is the most effective option to prop up your security with existing electric fences. From a professional perspective it is fairly easy to climb over an electric fence whether it is on or off. Try climbing a wall with both electric fencing and Rola spikes?? No ways!