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About us

SPIKE-IT has been established with the vision of offering the best anti-wall climb solution to the people of South Africa and other countries of the world. We offer affordable options for perimeter security in order to curb the menace of burglary and intrusion that is prevalent in South Africa.

Our Security spikes are designed and manufactured in South Africa for this purpose. These spikes are powder coated with the color of your choice and galvanized in order to increase their capacity to withstand the adverse and harsh weather conditions of this country.

Stop them from entering your property...

Not just Rola spikes but all the other varieties of security spikes distributed by SPIKE-IT provide an impenetrable line of defense to your property against intruders. The unsafe environment of South Africa due to the high crime rate makes it mandatory for everyone to go for such spikes to protect their properties.

Your safety comes first...

The demand for security spikes has seen a steady rise in recent times. These spikes are low-cost preventative measures which you can opt for to protect your valuable assets rather than spending a huge amount on damage repair later.

At SPIKE-IT, we make use of the latest technology to provide updated security solutions to our clients.