Welcome to Spike-It!
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Welcome to Spike-It!

SPIKE-IT is the leading supplier of perimeter security solutions in Africa. We provide a range of security spikes for optimum protection of your home and business. Rola spikes from SPIKE-IT are the ultimate crime barriers and the best anti-wall climb solutions proven by experts.

It all starts with perimeter security...

The security concerns and high crime rate in South Africa makes it imperative for you to secure your home and business in the best way possible. The new and improved rotational wall spikes from SPIKE-IT act as effective deterrents to protect your home from burglars and intruders. Security spikes are cost-effective options for securing the boundaries of your property so that nobody can cross this first line of defense.

SPIKE-IT offers the following varieties of perimeter solutions:

  • Rola spikes
  • King spikes
  • Razor spikes
  • Eina thorn spikes
  • Spear spikes
  • Knight spikes
  • Castle spikes
  • Tiger spikes
  • Razor wire
  • Electric razor coil 

Whatever your requirement is, you can always find an anti-climb solution at SPIKE-IT because we offer a one-stop shop for all types of security spikes for various types of walls and fences. Installations available in the Western Cape and distribute throughout RSA as well as Export worldwide.

If you have any queries regarding security solutions, feel free to contact us anytime we be happy to assist.

We are based in Blouberg, West Coast, Cape Town.


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