Review: Rola spikes vs Electric fencing vs Barbwire

Feature Rola Spikes Electric Fencing Barbed Wire
Security The most effective anti-climb wall solution available in the market proven by experts
Easily tampered with and cut. Wire tapping a major problem. Too many false alarms. Can be cut with pliers and use of blankets to cover it.
Durability UV Stabilized
Glass Fibre. Reinforced
Polyamide and Nylon.
Rust Proof
Made to last over 10 years
Requires constant maintenance on a yearly basis and new energizer every 2 years. Rusts and bends easily. Depends on type of wire available.
Maintenance Maintenance free depending on wall quality. Once off installation.
High maintenance costs – energizers and other parts have to be replaced every 2 years Little maintenance if installed properly  and bolted to the wall.
Visibility Spikes are neat but sharp! Goes nicely with vegetation.
Effects the overall look of your property and gives the criminals an opportunity to tamper with it to check if it works. Barbwire gives your property a prison look and gives an impression to buyers of high crime in the area.
Price Almost equivalent to Electric fencing start up costs however much cheaper than electric fencing over 10 year period
High maintenance costs over a 10 year period as well as start up costs. More expensive than Rola spikes in the long run Expensive and ineffective  – depreciates your property value and overall property look.