Advantages of installing our Rola Spikes

Advantages of installing our Rotational Spikes

  •   Easily installed
  •   Provides a physical barrier that prevents intruders
  •   Cost effective security solution
  •   Security 24/7
  •   Quality weather resistant product
  •   No maintenance
  •   Rust free
  •   No electricity costs
  •   Fits most types of walls
  •   Holds no scrap value
  •   Our Rola spikes are neat but dangerous
  •   Cannot be tampered with
  •   Pet friendly

Rola spikes is a once off installation, requires no maintenance (depending on wall quality)  and made to last. Beware of cheap imitations!

Manufactured to handle South Africa’s harsh weather conditions, cannot be bent or tampered with.

DIY kits available as well as export/bulk sales.

Our rotational spikes are neat but dangerous. It does not distract the overall look of the property and blends well with vegetation.