Choosing the right spike to secure your property

Looking to secure/upgrade your property with security spikes? One faces the daunting task of choosing the best spike that is aesthetically pleasing and in most cases your other half doubting your choice.
Well the saying goes you want the best spike that works for your property to stop unwanted intruders jumping over your wall. Everybody has their own theory, taste and the budget that goes with it. A debate that can be endless!
For Starters Spike-it has compiled a list of questions to begin to give you an idea when shopping for spikes and what to look out for:
1. What type wall/fence you have?
Not all spikes are designed to fit on all types of wall and fences best to have a look at options on product pages
2. Is the wall straight or has step ups? Some spikes will require extras or need to be cut on the job to fit correctly with length of wall and with rola spikes will require extra brackets and end caps for walls that have step ups
3. What is the size or length of your wall you wish to secure? Most metal spikes are supplied in 1.5m lengths and will give you an idea of costs. Rola spikes are supplied per meter.
4. Your budget to begin with and which spikes is affordable. Now that you have measured your wall and know which spikes available for your type of wall will give you a good indication on prices to choose from.
5. Now that you have an idea of costs and which spikes to choose from that you be able to narrow it down to a few spikes to choose from.
Should you still not be sure which spikes, feel free to contact us on and email us with pictures and  measurements in which spike-it will be happy to advise you with best solutions to protect your property and loved ones within your budget.