Looking to upgrade security? The advantages of installing Security Spikes on your perimeter.

Security spikes are a more cost effective way to keep you and your family/ home & business safe.
They are anti climb adding as a deterrent for any intruder. Intruders look for easier and quicker access points or as we say ‘hot spots’. If there are difficulties in doing so, they will move on.
Security spikes are a brilliant way to maintain a balance between ensuring your safety but not ruining the aesthetic appeal of your property. It is common for intruders to take advantage of poorly maintained walls or walls that seem ineffective. Wall spikes will risk serious injury if intruders attempt to climb over.
Wall spikes provide security for residential, commercial, industrial and corporate perimeter walls and fences and can also be installed onto gates, palisade fencing, vibacrete and wooden fences. We have options available to fit all walls and fences.
If you’re not sure if wall spikes will suit your specific space, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and more installation details. We offer free advice and quotes.

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