Maximizing your Electric Fencing with Rola Spikes

Upgrading your Electric fencing with Rola Spikes


This duo, offers the most highly effective perimeter security solution available on the market today.

Our Rola spikes are a fantastic addition to electric fencing. They fit perfectly under the fence lines and are a benefit when the electricity/ power goes out. Leverage for any feet under the lines is unattainable and because the spikes rotate, they hook and roll any form of clothing / blankets or items that try
tamper the spikes.

Rola Spikes: Made from reinforced Polymade toughened glass fibre, made to last over 10 years. UV
stabilized / Anti rust. Tamper proof & rotate.

Electric fence: Durable and frightening when it shocks. A great barrier and line of defense for peace of

With electric fencing as backup, your security is of the highest standard. The Rola Spike and electric fence has no interruptions of false alarms. A duo force to be reckoned with!

We need to ensure we have the best possible protection for your family and property.

The Spike-IT team /