Upgrading your electric fencing with Rola Security Spikes

Looking to upgrade your existing electric fencing with a backup just in case? Take a note of the following:

Not all security spikes especially the metal spikes can be installed with electric fences as any wire touching with metal is going to create numerous problems and false alarms. Don't worry Spike-it has a solution :) 

If you looking for the best solution to prop up your electric fence and perimeter security then Rola spikes is your answer! 

Made from toughened glass fibre which are polyamide reinforced and UV stabilised to last well over 10 years. A solid material and an excellent backup product for perimeter security with NO ELECTRICAL current form, making it currently the best suited spike to upgrade with your electric fence reducing false alarms and prevent intruders from tampering with your electric fences or if all else fails atleast you have a backup solution for your fence.

Spike-it has assisted in countless installations of Rola spikes around South Africa and abroad, our feedbacks from experts and our clients all agree that the best spike for electric fences are Rola spikes and will be the wisest decision in upgrading your security to protect your home and business.


Get in touch with us we will be happy to assist you in securing your property and yes we love our product and the fact that Rola Spikes rotate tops it all!