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Spike-it bird spikes will prevent birds landing or messing on your walls. Once your bird spikes are installed, birds cannot land and will fly away, leaving your property clean and spotless! 

  • Easy to install, durable and UV protected.
  • An effective and permanent solution. 
  • 3 lengths of spike = 1 meter
  • Length: 1 piece = 33.3 cm.
  • For areas where you want minimal visibility of the spikes.
  • Manufactured from a clear polycarbonate UV resistant plastic. In other words, it is made from a very strong plastic that cannot be damaged by the sun!
  • Birds spikes work on: ledges, balconies, gutters, window sills, signboards, warehouses, rooftops, solar panels, fences, etc. 
  • Prevent small birds to larger pigeons and Hadedas, from perching on any surface.
  • A permanent, effective, maintenance-free solution to bird pest problems.
  • If you need assistance on deciding which bird control solution will work best for your specific problem, our team is ready to answer your questions and advise you.
  • Many of our clients send photos of their problem, which helps us help you. We also use Google maps to obtain a bird's eye view of your roof or building, so that we can guide you in choosing the perfect bird proofing plan. 
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  • 10m DIY Kit Bird Spikes - 6 colors to choose from
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