Rola Spikes ™

Proud manufacturers of Rola spikes  ( regarded by the security industry experts as one the most effective anti-climb wall solution available in the market and is essential with electric fencing as a backup. Electric fencing are prone to false alarms, attracts high maintenance costs, requires a new energizer every 2 years and can easily be tampered with by cutting or bending wires. Load shedding has a negative impact on the energizers which can compromise your security.


Beware of cheap imitations!

A professional criminal will easily breach the perimeter system by tapping the electric fence without the alarm being raised- known as wire tapping. Wire tapping – use of wire to bypass the electric circuit without sounding the alarm therefore leaving an area not electrified. This easy concept is used by intruders to gain access to your property without the alarm being raised. It is therefore highly recommended to install Rola spikes in conjunction with electric fencing. This offers the most highly effective perimeter security solution available in the market today.

Various colours available: black and white spikes

Manufactured by Spike-It to handle South Africa’s harsh weather conditions, cannot be bent or tampered with

DIY kits available as well as export/bulk sales.

Our rotational spikes are neat but dangerous. It does not distract from the overall look of the property and blends well with vegetation.