Rola Spikes ™ - Rotational Security Spikes

Rotational security spikes the most effective anti-climb wall solution on the market. They have been proven by experts to be the Ultimate Crime Barrier in South Africa which has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Perimeter security is crucial in preventing intruders climbing over the wall into your property. Rola spikes  works well with or without electric fencing. These spikes are made from toughened glass fibre, polyamide reinforced nylon and are UV stabilised, to last over 10 years. Internationally approved ISO/TS 16949 rated.


Rola spikes ™ is designed and manufactured by Spike-it ™ in South Africa, please beware of cheap imitations, fake websites and scammers. Please double check with us for certified installers / resellers / agents for your own peace of mind when purchasing our products.

Please note there are only 3 certified websites that distributes Rola Spikes in South Africa locally listed below: